Rainy Day

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Some days you are just not feeling it.

My sister and I went tram-spotting today in town because of the annually Tram-day. It is organized by the Swedish tram society. They take out old trams, busses and boats. I gotta say that we did not see many trams, mostly it was rain and more rain. When the tram finally come the excitement was gone. We were wet and felt that this was one of the days that you should have stayed at  home.  Well at home, when the rain continued to pour down the negative thoughts kept swimming around. But then I said to my self “Shape up, Sister”! The rain may keep on falling but there is always a tomorrow and a sun that will rise. Stop feeling sorry for yourself! The day may not have turned out as you wanted it to, but you still got to meet your sister and taste the new ice creme from GB. 😉




Life’s perfect

Now all my internal assessments are done; I had my last today which was english individual oral. It went great according to my teachers so I hope for an okay grade! I’m just so happy for the moment and enjoying myself. The weather is perfect too. We have plus degrees outside for the first time in a while, the sun is shining and I get to be cool and wear my sunglasses.

I celebrated my school work with the first ice cream for the season. Now I have a season with lots of ice cream to look forward to 😀

The arrival of spring?

Today I spend my day mostly outside the house. First I practiced driving together with my father before I was dropped of at the piano. Usually I play on Fridays but since my teacher will be away next friday she agreed to play during this weekend. The best think with this is that I then get more time since there is no other child playing after me. After a lesson that went okay, I walked home through the forest. The sun was shining and for the first time in a while the sun rays offered some warmth. I took the opportunity to sit down and get a tan, before I continued my walk on the icy path. I saw one sign of a possible arrival of spring; small plants and sprouts that fought their way up from the earth.

I’m Walking in Sunshine

After a party at my sisters place that ended in the morning and where my strange cupcakes were served,  I went for a walk from Abrahamsberg to Alvik. I walked along the shore and everywhere I went it was slippery and SO windy. These pictures show how nice everything looked but in real life it wasn’t as perfect xD Still, I enjoyed the walk and hoped that it did not affect my wellbeing too much. My whole family is sick and I’m worried that I’m next… 😛
Abrahamnsberg Essingen Mälaren

A day in town

Du gör mig galen!Today I had the courage to leave my cave in the countryside and go into town together with my brother. We were going to eat lunch with our grandparents and then go to the movies. The weather was so amazing! The sun was shining and it was several degrees hot outside. I were almost sweating 😛

We walked through Old Town and visited the science fiction bookstore which is the heaven of bookstores to me. They have everything you can need when it comes to fiction. A bird whispered into my hear that this was a good place to by a present. Then we meet up with our grandparents and my sister and had a lovely lunch where we ate Thai food. The only problem with the food where we ate is that the portions are enough for two people; they are huge! I should have shared one dish with my sister xd

Then I and my siblings went to the movies and saw the movie called Silver Linings Playbook (in Swedish Du gör mig galen!). The title in Swedish is nothing like the English title, it is just very weird 😛 The movie had premiere in Sweden today. I know, that is very late since it has been out for long in other countries. The fact that it was the premier plus that Jennifer Lawrence recently got an Oscar for her role in the movie, made it the perfect movie to see today.  The movie was great; great actors and not too predictable. They just screamed a bit too much; almost all the dialogs were partly screaming from person to person, and often they screamed at the same time.

Now when I’m home I will use the next hour to watch the latest episode of Criminal Minds. So excited! I think it will be a tens episode with the focus on the team, since they now are the victims. See you soon with a review of the episode. 🙂

Snow chaos, trapped at home!

ImageToday is the day we have had almost once a year in Stockholm since the last few years back. It is the day when almost all the public transports are canceled because of a lot of snow. And I really mean a lot of snow!!!! The weather information has said that we will get around 20-30 cm today and it is really windy outside. So we are all recommended to stay at home. Soon, when there will be a lot of cars on the road there will be chaos!!! Already do they report on the news about a lot of accidents on the roads. So stay home if you can!

It is just interesting that this happens almost once a year and that the public transports never work. Shouldn’t we be prepared for these kind of events? I know that the weather today are pretty extreme, but still 😛

My busses were the first once to be canceled, so I can’t get to school. I just have to enjoy a day at home together with my brother, and I have no problem with that 😀 I always have school work I can do, so I want be bored….Or I will be! xd