Garden work

Today I was outside and planted some flowers to get som color to the surroundings. While doing so I got a visitor, a grass snake. Grass snakes are one out of two different types of snakes that we have in Sweden and they are completely harmful (at least to us human, but if I was a frog I would watch my back). He/she was quite cute but after my snake-nightmare one week ago I try to keep a distance to them. I have never been afraid of them, but now I don’t like to look or the feeling they give me xd

This is the type of things I do now when IB is done; trying to find meaningful work to do! It is not that easy, so in between the “hard work”, I plan for my parties 😀 This saturday I will have a party for my friends to celebrate graduation and my birthday. On the menu are mini-pies  with Feta cheese and tomatoes, Focaccia, pasta salad, and cappuccinobrownies and lemon-elder-pie for dessert. However, I’m still planing and if anyone as an amazing recipe to share with my they are more than welcome. I’m looking for delicious cold food that are easy to serve at parties.
Krukväxt Snok


I’m Walking in Sunshine

After a party at my sisters place that ended in the morning and where my strange cupcakes were served,  I went for a walk from Abrahamsberg to Alvik. I walked along the shore and everywhere I went it was slippery and SO windy. These pictures show how nice everything looked but in real life it wasn’t as perfect xD Still, I enjoyed the walk and hoped that it did not affect my wellbeing too much. My whole family is sick and I’m worried that I’m next… 😛
Abrahamnsberg Essingen Mälaren