The last day of summer

Today I went into town and hang out with my boyfriend. The newspaper said that today will be the last really warm day and that we can expect the temperature to drop to 10 degrees Celsius. Puurrr, cold! We decided that today was a day to be outside and enjoy the last sun we can get before the dark winter comes 😉

We visited Skansen, which is one of the places you should visit when you come to Stockholm. It is like a zoo almost, with lots of Nordic animals and other animals too, and also a place where you can see how people used to live in Sweden in the old days.  Don´t forget to visit the bakery and by something sweet to yourself! My favorite is a kind of bun filled with apple sauce. Yummy! Skansen never gets boring, even though I have been there a hundred times by know.

In order to get to Skansen we took the ferry from Slussen over to Djurgården. It is a nice but short trip by boat! Much nicer than taking the trams that are stuffed with people.

Then after Skansen and all the cute animals we walked in town and ate lunch/dinner at a placed that did these great hamburgers with lots of vegetables and cheese and bacon on them. I ended the day with going to the choir practice that I have started again with  since there is no longer any IB to think about.

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Congratulations, Hampus!

Today is a special day, it is the birthday of my cute and wonderful boyfriend! Since he lives in Västervik, 4 hours by bus from Stockholm, I needed to do something special. So I made my own post card, with a motive designed by myself. Just so you know; I’m the girl with the crazy hair 😉

HampulampusNot only do Hampus become 20 today, it is also 612 days since we got together. ❤

Valentine’s day

Valentines dayYeeey!!!! Now starts my trip towards Västervik and my boyfriend and his lovely family 😀 And it’s Valentines Day, I know, that is pretty good timing from my side. Actually, I thing Valentine’s day is nothing special, I don’t see why we cannot always show our love towards each other. But, since I’m actually having a boyfriend and it is Valentines day, I will follow the group pressure and pretend that it is a very special day xD

Lots of love to everyone, have a great Valentine’s day! And you know, it is nothing wrong with buying something specially do your self also. We all need to thing about ourself sometimes also ❤