Who is She?

Why waste my (and your) time on writing unnecessary and boring facts? I’ll just point out the important and fun things that there are to know about me. These are the main themes of my blog too.

I am studying at the IB diploma program in Sweden. Just one year left now and then PARTY! This is the reason why my blog is in English, I rather write in English. It sounds better, by far 😉

I am really into Music, so I both play piano and sing individually and in a choir.

My biggest obsession right now is SPN (supernatural, for you who didn’t know). That TV-show is right in so many ways, even though I have to admit that the first seasons are legendary and the one running now is not living up to my expectations, but nothing will make me stop watching SPN!!!!

Another hobby of mine are trams, especially old ones, I know, weirdly enough.

I want my blog to be a mix of everything, just a little peep-hole into my life showing how I perceive it. The blog shall show all the ups and downs  of being a human, in the same way that I mix all my interests.


13 thoughts on “Who is She?

  1. TeapotKling says:

    Mix of everything sounds good, and ups and downs. One thing you forgot is that the MOVIE OF THE YEAR is soon coming up!!! 😛 Now time for me to go christmas decorations shopping! C U! ❤

    • klingpling says:

      OMG, I’m totally going to have to talk about that, end of course all the other movies soon coming!!!!! But, it was acctualy 1 am in the morning when I wrote that so I may have forgotten stuff 😉

  2. TeapotKling says:

    Haha, that is just fine, and now it’s all there! 😀 And I’m goona have to guard my things even more closely! At least let me finish with it first 😉

  3. caitiecakes says:

    Woo, hey fellow IB-er! 😀

    • klingpling says:

      Hi on you too! 😀 Where are you from? Which year are you in IB right now? I’m right in the stress of the second year with all the IA and internals xd

      • caitiecakes says:

        I’m living in Singapore, doing my exams in May (yup, i’m a stressed out second year-er too *sigh* graduation is sooooo soon)
        I’ve finished my IAs for maths… just have Philosophy IA, English World Lit, and then Bio and Chem IAs left (Y) fun times -.- 😛

      • klingpling says:

        I would love to be in Singapore right now, here is it cold and dark 😛

  4. caitiecakes says:

    Oh my goodness, hi again. I just re-read your “about me” thing and LET ME TELL YOU that you are IDENTICAL TO CHIMMERCHARLIE AND I!!!
    Holy moly. You are like a carbon copy of US, but in SWEDEN. PLEASE VISIT US… or if we come to Sweden any time soon, please can we visit you?!? Haha (trips to Sweden are unlikely at best, please don’t think we’re creepers… we’re just really excited that you’re so similar to us. We have another friend who is in love with Supernatural as well, but she doesn’t have a blog……. yet. Hahaha)
    Here’s Chimmercharlie’s blog:

    • caitiecakes says:

      She’s up to date with Supernatural (unlike me), she’s watching the episodes as they come out now (I’m still stuck in Season 1… I’m freaking terrified of everything so it takes a lot of courage for me to watch episodes of Supernatural haha, by far the scariest thing I can tolerate 😛 but I must say that Padalecki/Sam makes it a lot easier to cope with :3).

      • caitiecakes says:

        I want to follow your blog but I don’t want to:
        1) get Supernatural spoilers
        2) stop you from posting about Supernatural 😛

      • klingpling says:

        The first seasons are very scary and that’s what I like about them. I’m not so much into scary movies (I had nightmares months after I had watched Paranormal activity 1 xD) but it should be scary in the right does. And that is just what supernatural is

    • klingpling says:

      Hihi it’s not creepy at all just very funny 😀 Nice to find friends that live on the other side of the world. I would love to visite you guys and if I will come to Singapore one day I will take contact with you. The school I am thinking of applying to have great connections with singapore and many students go there and study for one term or a year…and that could be me in the future ^_^

      • klingpling says:

        Too bad you cannot follow my blog but if you look at it now and then you can click on the file under category that says “My life”. It shouldn’t contain any spoilers from SPN 🙂 But then I can follow your blog instead so you will hear from me!

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