Funny video: Everything Wrong With The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey….

I’m a big fan of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit by Tolkien. However, this video is still hilarious and I think you need to take it with a pinch of salt and realize that it is not serious and that it criticize the MOVIE not the book. I thought about some of the stuff the guy brings up while watching the movie. The movie isn’t flawless, but if you are a fan it doesn’t matter. It’s just amazing to get the opportunity to see one of you favorite books come to life.


A day in town

Du gör mig galen!Today I had the courage to leave my cave in the countryside and go into town together with my brother. We were going to eat lunch with our grandparents and then go to the movies. The weather was so amazing! The sun was shining and it was several degrees hot outside. I were almost sweating 😛

We walked through Old Town and visited the science fiction bookstore which is the heaven of bookstores to me. They have everything you can need when it comes to fiction. A bird whispered into my hear that this was a good place to by a present. Then we meet up with our grandparents and my sister and had a lovely lunch where we ate Thai food. The only problem with the food where we ate is that the portions are enough for two people; they are huge! I should have shared one dish with my sister xd

Then I and my siblings went to the movies and saw the movie called Silver Linings Playbook (in Swedish Du gör mig galen!). The title in Swedish is nothing like the English title, it is just very weird 😛 The movie had premiere in Sweden today. I know, that is very late since it has been out for long in other countries. The fact that it was the premier plus that Jennifer Lawrence recently got an Oscar for her role in the movie, made it the perfect movie to see today.  The movie was great; great actors and not too predictable. They just screamed a bit too much; almost all the dialogs were partly screaming from person to person, and often they screamed at the same time.

Now when I’m home I will use the next hour to watch the latest episode of Criminal Minds. So excited! I think it will be a tens episode with the focus on the team, since they now are the victims. See you soon with a review of the episode. 🙂

6 Days left!….until the tickets are available

It’s only 6 days left until the first tickets to the movie The Hobbit will be released in Sweden. A dedicated fan started the queuing in Lund today. Even though it is the moste exciting movie premiere in a while, it is still 6 days!!!! and it is in Sweden. It’s warm here now for being this time of the year, but not so warm that you want to stay outside in 6 DAYS! I just wish good luck to that young man and hope he enjoys the movie!

I’m also very excited about the movie which will be divided into three movies. It wasn’t that long ago that Peter Jackson decided not to make two movies, but three! This changed the plans for the storyline and because of the the movie will be finished right before the premiere, but Jackson has said that it will be finished on date, so we don’t have to worry about that.

It’s going to very exciting to meet again som characters from the Lord of the ring trilogy, but the best part will be seeing the new characters. I am looking forward to see Beorn, just because I think he is such an amazing characters (which many dedicated fans agree with) and because a Swedish actor plays the role 😉 When I read the book, I couldn’t quite get a picture in my head of how he looked like, was he a bear or a man? It is going to be interesting how they have solved this, if he will transform completely into a bear or if he will be a human with bear-like features. Unfortunately, he wont appear until the second movie.

I’m also interested in Thorin. He is a major character which are described as being a great and cleaver leader. He is also quite tall for a dwarf and it is going to be interesting to see if they will take into count these small details. Which I really believe they will, come on, It’s Peter Jackson we are talking about!!!! Not only Thorin interests me, but all the dwarfs, with their own, unique personalities. It will be fun to see them all together.

Count down: 16 Days left


As my sister nicely pointed out, I haven’t written about the best movies and books ever created, the tales about Middle-Earth written by JRR Tolkien. Soon, The Hobbit will be released in the cinemas and I think it is quite accepted to say that it will be the movie of the year.
Watch the trailer here and stay tuned for updates about the movie.

(Yesterday my sister bought the December issue of the Empire, I’m just waiting on the right time to snatch it from her. Buy it and collect all 5 pictures ;))