Today, 30 of April, is the day when everyone are allowed to put on their graduation hats for the first time. According to tradition you should keep the hat on until graduation. However, it is just a tradition not something people actually do (as far as I know). 😉

Putting on the hat is a ceremony that shows that you are done with school and that you can graduate. That is the irony with it since my exams starts on friday and right now I have no idea if I will pass or not (even though I feel quite comfortable and safe with saying that I will at least pass). 17 of May is my last exam and I just want to start taking them in order to fully enjoy the life of a graduate in Sweden! 🙂


Last week another chapter of my life was sealed. I had my last concert in Nacka music school. It was a concert for everyone that graduate from the music school this spring. It felt wonderful to show what I had learnt through  all these years of playing piano, but it was also nice to say that I have accomplished something with my life. Now this chapter is closed (although I will continue play at home) and I can focus on discovering a new part of life. I want to say thank you to my amazing teacher that have made me enjoy playing and helped me to develop my skill.


Examenskonsert 2


Kulturnatt Stockholm

Last nigh me and my siblings went into town for the evening and participated in an event called “Kulturnatt Stockholm”. It is an event where they want to pay attention to culture in Stockholm, so a lot of museums were open and special tours and events took place at them. The event started at 6 pm and continued until 12pm. Everything was free and you could easily go by bus or boat to all the places that were open.


I stared the evening at “Fåfängan”, looking at the sunset and waiting for my siblings.


At first we visited the tramway museum in Stockholm to see a theater group guiding us through Stockholm in different times by singing and acting. My siblings saw the opportunity to become construction workers.


The museum also had a cool exhibition where they showed different places in Stockholm, made of Lego. Here is the department store called “NK”.


After some waiting, due to one of the old busses stopped working, one bus arrived and we could go on a ride through Stockholm. Our first thought was to take the bus directly to Slussen, by my brother thought it would be funnier to go on a longer ride. We ended up sitting on  the bus until it was back at Slussen, after going around the whole town.


My siblings, having a good time 🙂



All three of us, strange as usual.


Pretty xD

My brother’s artistic photo that pictures me and Stockholm by night. 😛


Say bye-bye to the bus!

My sister is enjoying both her and my cup of free coffe.

Pasta+godisglassWhen we arrived home after a fun evening my siblings wanted ice that tasted like candy. Lucky for me, I could get some of the left-overs from the dinner, pasta and tomato sauce. This was 11pm xD But I was hungry and the pasta tasted very well!


My preparations for graduation are moving forward. Today my sister and I went out shopping for dresses. We found one each; one for my graduation and one for here Bachelor’s Degree . Actually, My dress is not a traditional graduations dress you wear in Sweden. They usually are crystal white and have more of a short prom dress look , but I love it and I am so happy that I have a dress now and do not have to worry about that anymore. Also, it is fun to stand out and not have a dress that looks just like the dresses on all the other girls  😀 Studentklänning fram Studentklänning bak

Easter Potpourri

I just wanted to share a few photos to show how I celebrated Easter this year. Pictures are more important than words, so there is no use with me talking and talking about it xD