Easter pre-start

Kinder egg

Now is less that one week until Easter, when you get to hunt eggs, eat lots of eggs, candy and other easter dishes such as lamb. However, I got a pre-start when my sister gave me four kinder egg in this special box as a lat name-day present. Isn’t it adorable?

On Thursday you are suppose to dress up as a “Påskkärring” and go around to houses in the neighborhood, hand out easter cards and get candy or money in return. This is a tradition we think comes from the 1700-century when people were hunded and killed and labeled “Witches”. The tradition says that the witches fly to “Blåkulla” or Blockula where the Devil held his court during the witches’ Sabbat. The witches stayed the night and danced with the Devil to return in the morning. I used to dress up when I was small but I don’t do in anymore 😛

Then on Friday I will be at my sisters place and make Easter Decorations. Hopeful you will see the result here when we are done. That dependes on the outcome; if it’s well done or not. xD


5 thoughts on “Easter pre-start

  1. TeapotKling says:

    I expect proof regardless of results! 😉

  2. TeapotKling says:

    Or you make a post regardless 😛

    God, how difficult can it be? 😉

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