SPN 8×17 Goodbye Stranger

(The promo for the next episode called Freaks and Geeks.)

Finally an episode where it is hard to find anything to complain about. The episode never got boring and I never wanted it to end. Castiel was back, strong and still fighting. The opening scene was very frightening; a Castiel killing Dean and a room full of hundred dead Dean-bodies. Why is Naomi training Cas to kill Dean? Why does Naomi want Dean killed, does he play a more important role than we know?

Sam and Dean meet Castiel again when they work a case and finds out that it is Castiel that have killed the people or demons as they were when they were killed. As happy as they are for the return of Cas they soon realize that something is not right with him. Not until they have found Meg, who have been tortured by Crowley for a year, who leads them to the angle tablet and after Cas has tried to kill Dean, Cas succeeds in breaking the control Naomi has over him. It’s Dean that manage to break through to Cas right in time to stop Cas from killing him, by saying that he needs him and that they are like family. Even though the connection between Cas and Naomi  are broken Cas takes the tablet and says that he needs to protect it from the angles, demons and Dean. Without saying anything more he leaves Dean.

This episode was the return of Meg as well as the death of Meg. I was a bit upset that Crowley killed here since her personality is always fun to have around and she has become almost a friend and ally to the Winchesters and as all their allies she died. I love that she talked to Sam about what he did the last year, why he didn’t look for anyone of them. It is touching to see that she sort of related to Sams longing for a normal life. Also, I loved when she called Cas  her Unicorn. Megstiel ❤  ^_^

Furthermore, Dean discovered that Sam were not feeling well and that he had lied to him. Castiel says that Sam is broken in ways not even ha can fix, what does that mean? How hard has the first trial affected Sam? Will he survive the trials? Dean says that he can’t take anymore lies from anyone  and he ends up with quoting The Lord of the Ring by saying that he cannot carry Sam’s burden but he can carry Sam…Wow, that was one of the highlights of the episode! xD I loved that they worked that out and were able to move forward without having to be angry at each other.


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