Criminal Minds 8×17 The Gathering

I’m sorry that you need to wait for my next post for several days sometimes, but I do not have much time that I can put into blogging since my exams are getting closer. And until they are done I need to focus on studying, but here comes a short review of this weeks episode of Criminal Minds.

In this episode we learned that the team are still looking for the Replicator without getting anywhere. Strauss says that they need drop the case for the moment since other cases are piling up and they need to start working again. They take on a case in which women active on the internet are killed. They write everything about their lives on the internet. The episode was interesting and well done since they managed to trick the audience. The person that fit into the profile of the killer ended up not being the one killing the women. However, he ended up as a killer too after he killed the first unsub.

This episode was very Garcia-centric in the way that we were introduced to one of her old boyfriends, Sam, and learned that Garcia plays the ukulele. Kevin returned too and played jealous ex-boyfriend but in the end he and Garcia worked everything out and they managed to still be friends. It looked like Garcia maybe had found a new boyfriend in Sam…we will see if he will appear again on the screen. Some speculate that Sam might even be the Replicator, but I’m not sure if I believe that. That would be too much déjà vu. If you remember that episode called “Lucky” and “Penelope” from season 3 when Garcia was shoot by a unsub called Jason Clark Battle that she had gone out with.

Another thing we need to mention from this episode is when Reid tries to stop the second unsub from killing himself. Reid ignores the protocol and takes the situation into his own hands. Instead of lying and saying that they can help the unsub he says that probably there isn’t any scientific method or treatment that can help him. It ends with the unsub saying that he appreciate the honesty and then he slice his own throat and fall into the swimming pool. Reid storms out of the swimming house. Later on Hotch talks to Reid and says that clearly it is about Maeve, since Reid had said that last time he was in this situation he lied and it did not end as he wanted it to. This time he did the opposite. However, that did not work out either. When Hotch mention Maeve Reid walks away and doesn’t answer.

I have read on forums that people are upset that Reid never gets the happy ending he deserves. I agree that it was hard of the writers to kill Maeve, but now when that is done  we should see the effect off this on Reid. He broke down when she died and I don’t think that he is fine. I have waited for several episodes to see the outcome. So I think this episode was well written and I think the writers did the right think when they showed that Reid hasn’t healed yet. Reid has always been the most controlled person in the team with exceptions from a few times when he have exploded. It is good to see that he is a normal human being behind that cute shell. 😉

Next episode airs 4 April and will focus on Morgan and maybe the replicator too.

8×18 Restoration:  Middle-aged men are being targeted in Morgan’s old neighborhood in Chicago. A lead makes Morgan believe the BAU is after someone associated with Carl Buford, the man who molested Derek as a child.


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