Hurts concert at Debaser, Stockholm

Hurts 2

(Hurts: Theo and Adam)

Last night me and my sister when out for the first time together. We where at Debaser in Stockholm and listened to one of my favorite bands, Hurts. It was magical! All the songs become ten times better live than the recorded version.

This was the first time I when out and maybe you recognize that feeling when you for the first time are asked to show your ID and you are let in since you are old enough 😛 Yeah, I know, I’m weird! Of course, even though it was Monday, we bought one drink each.It ended with a girls’ drink, a raspberry mojito that were so good. Sweet and with lots of Mentha. The best think when it comes down to being a girl in a bar is that you are allowed to drink girly drinks ^_^

Say Lou Lou

(Say Lou Lou)

Before Hurts entered the stage, a Swedish band called Say Lou Lou performed. I have never heard of them before, but I liked them. Especially the song “Maybe You” stood out. They are a bit different, just like Hurts so they were good as a warmup band. However, I was there to listen to Hurts and when they finally entered the stage, exactly on time, I could not be in a happier place. The show was perfect in so many ways. Firstly they mixed the best songs from the new album “Exile” with the best songs from their debut album “Happiness”. Before the show I was worried that they would only play songs from the new album. I think that both albums have strengths and weaknesses, so now it was the best of the best. Secondly, Theo and Adam makes the perfect duo. Theo, the singer is  very artistic and moves around a lot. He kept the energy during the entire concert and sang as perfect in the end as in the first song. Adam on the other hand is so cool; his face is just strong, not showing any emotions while he is playing. Stone face 🙂

Hurts 1

(Hurts: Theo and Adam)

It was interesting to see who had come to listen to Hurts. I was shocked to see that people in all ages were there, girls in my age, middle age couples etc. The atmosphere was at the top! Everyone sang along when all the songs from the album “Happiness” and some other songs from the album “Exile” were played, which shows what a strong fan base they have. When Theo started to throw roses everyone wonted one, including me 😀

The best moment however was when they played the last song, my favorite, called “Stay”. I knew they would sing it so I waited for it the whole evening. It was the song where everyone sang so it did not sound very good but it was such a powerful felling when people screamed out stay and knew every line. ^_^

These songs were played during the evening:

Wonderful Life
Silver Lining
Blood, Tears & Gold
The Road


Somebody to Die For
Better Than Love


Here is a link to a review of the Exil concert in Berlin:

A link to a Swedish review of the Exil concert in Stockholm:


2 thoughts on “Hurts concert at Debaser, Stockholm

  1. TeapotKling says:

    Magical was definitely the right word, amazing evening! Thanks for dragging old little me with you 😉 ❤

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