Which SPN character should be brought back into the game?

Supernatural is one of these series where anything can happen, meaning that any character who have blow up, been sent to Hell or just vanished in thin air can come back. So which character would I like to bring back to life?

(Photo source: supernatural.wikia.com)

The answer is simple; there is no one with the same class and elegance as Sebastian Roché so my first choice would be to bring back his character, Balthazar. Sebastian Roché is one of my favorite actors. He always do his job very well and I think there is something special with him. I have seen him in Vampire Diaries where he plays Mikael, the husband of the originals. Love that character too! In fact, he is on my top list of characters from Vampire Diaries that should be brought back to life. It’s him and Alaric! Sebastian has also guest started in Criminal Minds, another of my favorite tv-series where we saw him as Prentiss former boss, Clyde Easter.

So Sebastian  have played a part in several of my favorite tv-series and I guess that is one of the reasons that I really like him. Also, when I have watched clips from Comic Con and other conventions on YouTube, he is very often there and talk to the audience about SPN, even though there were a while since we last saw his character on the show. I like that he continues to be there for the fans which I think is important. And he fits so well together with the rest of the cast; he always jokes around with them and he is one of the funniest guys. If I ever go to a Supernatural convention then he must be there! My problem is that we do not have these kind of things in Sweden. I guess we are not the main audience to a lot of tv-shows  xD Sweden is a pretty small and not important country 😛

Jensen crashing Misha and Sebastian’s panel www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRUeCUcBf6A

Misha and Sebastian on what they envy about each other http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2py0kmSmz4

I think Balthazar was a character that brought much to the story and the show. It was interesting to see how he changed from being one of the “bad” angles that did not want to help Sam and Dean, to the angle that died when he tried to help the brothers stop Cas. Balthazar had that attitude and humor that made him interesting. Never really knowing where you had him, were he evil angle or good angle.

(Photo source: www.spoilertv.com)

If I could bring back another character, I would give Sam the girlfriend he deserves (not Amelia) namely the werewolf Madison. She and Sam made such a cute couple and it was devastating to see Sam break down and then have to kill her. I think that is one of the moments in the show when Sam really falls apart and let out all his emotions. Despite all the sadness, this is one of my favorite episode! However, my list it pretty long.

One more think about Sebastian: You got to love his accent! 😉


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