Graduation Hats

Studentmössa 1

Today our graduation hats arrived to school as a reminder of how little time is left of school. Two days ago I had my Swedish individual oral, so now I only have English individual oral left before exams. The time is just running away, soon I will be a graduated student from the “gymnasium”, as it is called in Sweden. 😀

IB exam Graduation is a big deal in Sweden and we celebrate it based on old traditions. The graduation hats is one part of the old traditions; the design has been pretty much the same since the 1900-century. The difference is that today you can spend thousand Swedish crowns on a branded hat with a lot of decorations on it. My hat did not cost that much but it still has a touch of Lovisa in it. For example I chose a pink color on the lining while most students have a blue and yellow inside.

Studentmössa 4

It feels silly to spend too much money on a hat you will wear like two or three times in your life, but it’s a tradition and they are kind of cool. They are very good-looking for being a graduation hat 😛  Other Swedish traditions regarding graduation are:

  • each class has its own truck (we call it flak) and then they take a ride round the city and drink beer and play loud music. (this is not what I look forward to the most :P).
  • the girls should  wear white dresses
  • each class has its own “skiva”, which is a party at a restaurant or a club, which starts with a dinner for parents and siblings and then they go home and your friends arrive. Then the party start.
  • you are not supposed to wear your hat before graduation, if you test the hat you will get bad luck….but everyone still test the hat before graduation once or twice. Guess bad luck is not very freighting.

The funniest part for me, as an IB students, is that I will do all these activities after exams but before I know if I graduated or not. Not until July will the test results be published and I will know whether I passed or not. xD

Studentmössa 3

Now I have spent almost 700 Swedish crowns on my hat, 400 Swedish crowns will the “flak” cost and then I need to by a dress….All this money wasted and then I may end up not graduating. This is going to be fun xD

Studentmössa 2(The light blue color on the ribbon and on the flower is the IB color) ^_^


7 thoughts on “Graduation Hats

  1. That is one of the most ballin hats ever. Seriously.

  2. bruse says:

    Och namnet invävt på bandet; snyggt!

  3. TeapotKling says:

    Only fools try them on beforehand!!! Two or three in my class, the rest of us where smart enough not to jinx it! What if you fail because of this? XD
    Only wish I could’ve had the pink lining 😉

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