An interesting post about my favorite character in SPN, Castiel. The post shows how versatile the characters are and hence the show itself. You can never know what they have in store for the next season. The only think you can be sure of is that Sam and Dean will continue to die and resurrect ^_^

Check out the blog itself (A Blog devoted to “SUPERNATURAL”), it is a must-follow for all SPN lovers!

A Blog devoted to Supernatural

Not put this out before, and thought why not. Hiatus time again, and thoughts seem to dry up. So may be regress a bit. So much has happened since season 4, and with Castiel came the best entrance many have said the show has ever seen. He walked into that barn, with grace, honor, professionalism and charm in abundance. As his character developed, many took Cas to their hearts. Did he steel the show for many, yes I think he probably did. As I gather my thoughts on Castiel, I first see him as a good, kind, gentle alien with a lack of understanding of earths customs and mannerisms.

I can also see why Cas and Dean became the latest ship pairing and took the fandom by storm. As the seasons unfolded Castiel’s appeal grew ever stronger and looking back can see why. Cas shared a bond with Dean because…

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  1. klingpling says:

    I gotta say, I didn’t like Cas in the beginning. I hated the angels 😛
    Then, a few years later, when I started to watch the series again I fell in love with Cas ^_^

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