Baking Cupcakes with cream cheese and Oreos

Oreo cupcakesDon’t they look nice? 😉 Well, I did actually have some batter on them before putting them into the oven. The funny part is that I used a recipe in which it didn’t say whether the degrees on the oven were in Celsius or Fahrenheit….So in the end, I ended up with one set of cupcakes with a lovely golden brown color (assuming the degrees were Celsius) and one set of cupcakes that were white (realising that it actually were in Fahrenheit) xD   In Sweden we always use Celsius so I just assumed that the degrees were in Celsius. I have now learnt to use my sense next time and think about whether this temperature sounds appropriate for what I’m baking.

They both tasted very good, but one is more of a traditional cheesecake and the other is more like the Swedish cheesecake. As long as they taste good and are edible, I’m happy! And next time I know what to do to make them better 😀 I believe that anyone that love either Ores or cheesecake will love these ones, at least if they are done correctly xD


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