SPN 8×16 Remember the Titans

(Photo source: CW)

What to say about the newest episode called Remember the Titans?

It was in the same class as the episode from last week Man’s best friend with benefits; a nice plot in which new characters, from a new mythology was introduced (the Greek mythology) and there were also connections back to the ongoing storyline about how to close the gates to hell. (See for more information https://klingpling.wordpress.com/2013/02/25/spnx3/).

In this episode we get to meet a Greek titan called Prometheus who is cursed by Zeus and therefore dies every day and then wake up again. Prometheus was punished since he was the one that stole the fire from Zeus and gave it to the people on earth. Artemis, the goddess of hunt and Zeus daughter, is sent to earth to find him. In order to break the curse, Sam and Dean summons Zeus, which can never end happily. It was interesting how they would portray Zeus since there are several interpretations of him. In Disney’s story about Hercules, Zeus is the perfect father but in the greek mythology he wasn’t such a saint. In SPN he obviously has the bad guy role. It the end both Zeus and Prometheus dies, it was almost a piece of cake, but without Artemis help, Sam and Dean would not have stood a chance against Zeus. They are gods and should be treated carefully. Remember that boys, next time you think of summoning a king of the gods!

What more? Well, Sam needs a serious haircut, he will soon get longer hair than me and that is not okay! We want to see his pretty face 😉 Also, he continued to cough up blood and he continued to hide it from Dean. Dean on the other hand  can see that something is troubling Sam and that Sam is not as focused and feeling as well as he says he is doing. Dean is looking out for Sam!

However, Dean’s worries for Sam is troubling him more than he says. He is afraid that Sam will not survive this time so he prays to Castiel, who hasn’t answered his calles for a long time. Dean is in need of a friend to talk to and when Cas to not show up he looks terrible.It’s so heartbreaking to see him all alone and terrified for what will come up next. I don’t know how long he can keep this together? And how long can Sam keep on coughing up blood without his body breaking apart?

Unfortunately, we will have to wait a will for the next episode Goodbye Stranger to air. We have to wait until 20 Mars. That will be a pretty long waiting, but keep your spirit up, discuss with a friend what might happen on the show or watch another old season. I strongly recommend the first seasons, season 1-2.


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