Criminal Minds 8×16 Carbon Copy


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery  – Charles Caleb Colton

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Wow, what an exciting episode or at least interesting. It felt as a beginning but not as something that could be the season final. I believe this plot will give rise to the season final. I don’t believe that the case will be solved until then.

In today’s episode JJ got flowers together with a card that said “Zugzwang”, which made the team realize that the copycat, called the Replicator, is actually targeting them. At the meantime, killings in Philadelphia took place, which were also copies from one of the cases the team worked with before. So the team went to Philadelphia since they believe that the Replicator were the one killing these people. In the end they caught the unsub of the killings in Philadelphia but he wasn’t the Replicator. The Replicator had manipulated the unsub to kill those women. The team get a new lead on the Replicator so they head to a new city and find a room he/she has put in order for them. The Replicator has left another body and put up one photo collage for each member of the team. This is where the episode end.

We basically no nothing we didn’t know before about the Replicator, except how smart and well planned he is. It feels like he will be one of the most dangerous criminals the team has worked with. Which basically means that the whole team would not solve the case without losing something. I can’t see where the Replicator will do wrong and make a mistake at this point.

I don’t think the episode offered an unexpected turn. I wasn’t completely fooled about who were the Replicator  since I thought they catched the unsub too quickly and too early in the episode. This story has been a part of the whole season so it would have been strange if it all ended after one episode. I hope it will turn out to something good and that the rest of the season will be thrilling. Right know I would love to learn more about the Replicator; I’m getting a bit bored of seeing the same photos, taken by the Replicator, of the team. I want more!

It was interesting to get the connection to the word Zugzwang from the episode also called Zugswang. I have always thought it to be weird that Diane would have made her the effort to disguise her voice and  leave the message.

Also the quote from todays episode, said by Charles Caleb Colton, made me think about the Replicator. Does the quote try to say that the Replicator is doing this because he admires the team and the BAU? I don’t know. It could also have been directed towards todays episode.

We will se what will happen next. They mentioned Jason Gideon a lot. Is this of importance? Will he maybe show up again on the show or is that just silly hopes from a Criminal Mind’s fangirl? More clues will hopefully be given next week in the next episode.


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