Hi guys!

Since I’m alone the whole evening I decided to look at all the SPN episodes that I have missed. I think some new, interesting facts are revealed and therefore need to be noted down.

8×13 Everybody hates Hitler 

In this episode, Sam and Dean, goes to the place where the Men of letters kept their secrets. It’s a moving moment when the brothers get an actual place which they can call home and return to in between the work. When  Dean is in a bathrobe discussing the shower and in the end when the two brothers sit and drink together and listening to music.

In this episode we learn about a new part of the Supernatural world. There were nazi necromancers who did experiments during the war to try to find a way to resurrect the dead. Also, there were rabbis who brought Golems to life. Golems are created of dead material and trained to fight in wars. I had a hard time trying to understand him, so I think it was a downside with the episode, or it is just my hearing that is rusty. xD

The nazi necromancers kill the owner of the golem since they want to find the secrets in resurrecting people. Sam and Dean then meet the grandson of the rabbi who now is the owner of the golem. Since he doesn’t know how to control the golem they have a problem, especially when more necromancers show up. But as always, it ends well. The nazi necromancers dies and the grandson learns how to control his golem.

The episode was interesting and funny. There were a scene where the grandson pretended to be gay and hitting on Dean and that made Dean lose his control for a while xD It is also very funny when the grandson look at Sam and Dean when they burn the body of the necromancer and says “Oh my god, these guys are psychopaths”! All the history behind the world of Supernatural is very interesting and offers a depth to the story that we haven’t had before. To sum up, a quite good episode 🙂

SPN 8x15

8×14 Trial and Error

Another great episode, it was awesome! When there are no Benny nor Amelia everything if fun, interesting and worthy looking at. In this episode Kevin, who lives on drugs and is slowly killing himself, finds out what they need to do to close the gates to hell.

Three tasks need to be undertaken and then a spell need to be performed. The first is to kill a hell-hound and take a bath in its blood. Yepp, grose! The boys find a family who had a visit of a demon 10 years ago, and the demon is no one less that Crowley himself. Dean is determined that he should be the one undertaking the three tasks since he doesn’t see an end to everything which Sam does. However, it end up being Sam who kills the hell-hounds to Dean’s horror. Sam says that he now needs to be the one doing the tasks. He know he can do it. He also believes there is a good ending for Dean to; Dean has both friends and family on earth, now he even has his own room.

This episode offered us a wide range of what Supernatural is all about. We got to see touching scenes between the brothers, funny scenes and we even got to see what the hell-hounds look like for the first time. I especially liked the opening scene when Dean was in his own bedroom and decorated it. He was so happy about it and then he cooked food for him and Sam. You should have seen Sam’s surprised face when Dean told him that he had made hamburgers, but as Dean said, they actually have a real kitchen now.

Funniest quote: “Did you know that there are like 6 thousand kind of tomatoes?”

Also, Dean’s hipster glasses  looked very good on him. He would actually make a nice nerd 😉

8×15 Man’s best friend with Benefits

Oh no, Sammy! What’s happening to you? This episode was a detour from the plot of the series, in which the trust between the brothers were brought up again. Dean wanted to be sure that Sam was read to do the trials, otherwise they could just find another hell-hound and let him kill it. This episode was neither good or bad, it was okay. Kind of funny to see more of the witch world, but it was a bit strange. It did not consist with what we know about witches from before. The episode was about one of their old friends which they had helped. However, it was weird that they chosen to take an old friend of the brothers that we have never seen on the show or heard about.  There are pleinty to chose from, so why didn’t they do that?

The episode ended with Dean saying that he trusted Sam and right after that Sam started to cough up blood without saying anything to Dean. Stupid Sam! Hasn’t he learned anything? You should not keep secrets from your brother!!

I like how I always try not to write so much and then it end up being far too much. Hope you do not mind…if you mind you would probably not have read this far  😛


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