Misha Collins returns in season 9 of SPN as a series regular


OMG! This gotta be the best news I have heard today. My favorite actor in SPN, Misha Collins will become a series regular for the next season, season 9. I’m so looking forward to see more from his side and see the development of his character, Castiel. Now I can sleep well tonight ^_^

Source: http://tvline.com/2013/02/25/supernatural-season-9-spoilers-misha-collins-returns/


4 thoughts on “Misha Collins returns in season 9 of SPN as a series regular

  1. chimmercharlie says:

    I think you are the first person I have found that loves Supernatural almost as much as I do!! Good to know you!!!
    I think I literally SCREAMED when I found out about this yesterday 🙂 so happy

    • klingpling says:

      Hi, so nice to meet you 😀
      I started watching supernatural when I was young when the first seasons when on tv in Sweden. I watched it by myself, late evenings and it was so scary xD But then I lost the focus for a couple of years, but I managed to make my siblings watch the series. It all ended in my brother buying all the seasons and I started to watch the show again. In one milli second I was caught again and know I’m loving it ^_^ Castiel is my favorite, so this was very good news. I have missed him this season and season 7 :O

      • chimmercharlie says:

        Same!! Oh my gosh! I started watching it at my brothers request and COMPLETELY fell in love with it. I too started watching it about stupid o’clock in the night which was absolutely terrifying! I love Castiel and I think that the episode that Misha will direct will be absolutely amazing! So excited

  2. chimmercharlie says:

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