A perfect start on the sports break

What a wonderful day! I have just spent 3.5 hours outside, going on a walk together with my brother. It was a perfect start on the last break before the exams. The weather was very nice; the sun was shining and it was not too cold. While walking, we listened on the radio so we could follow the Swedish skiers in the world championship. Sweden won two medals today and it was just what we wanted, congratulations Sweden!  Even though neither of them were gold medals 😉  Because of the good weather a lot of people were outside and enjoyed it, a lot of them on skies. I got to say that nothing feels as good as a long walk in the woods. And on the plus side too, I may even got a bit tanned.

Velamsund 1 On our way home we came across this funny sign which is a warning for frogs. I have heard that in the summer, the whole road can be full of frogs. You cannot drive the car there without having to drive over some of them 😛 Though, I do not think that is a problem during winter.

Velamsund 2Finally, I want to encourage people to go outside and enjoy the weather. You will feel so good afterwards. It is a way of not having to go and do lots of heavy and boring training on the gym xD


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