Valentine’s day

Valentines dayYeeey!!!! Now starts my trip towards Västervik and my boyfriend and his lovely family 😀 And it’s Valentines Day, I know, that is pretty good timing from my side. Actually, I thing Valentine’s day is nothing special, I don’t see why we cannot always show our love towards each other. But, since I’m actually having a boyfriend and it is Valentines day, I will follow the group pressure and pretend that it is a very special day xD

Lots of love to everyone, have a great Valentine’s day! And you know, it is nothing wrong with buying something specially do your self also. We all need to thing about ourself sometimes also ❤



One thought on “Valentine’s day

  1. TeapotKling says:

    Hope you had a good, love-filled Valentine’s! ❤ and that the chocolate was as delicious as it looked 😉 say hi from me 🙂


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