Reaching the end…

Wihoo, Mocks is finally over and I do not have any lessons until monday next week so I’m taking a small break. I will travel to Västervik by bus for 4 hours tomorrow and visit my boyfriend 😀

Also, my EE is almost done, everything is written, now I just wait for the final comments on it from my supervisor and next week TOK essay should be done!….I am actually seeing a light in the end of the tunnel.

Earlier today I watched SPN 8×12 As time goes by, and I thought it was kind of okay, I almost liked it. The funny part is that Sam and Dean always meet their grandparents through time travelling. This is of course not so strange since all their relatives are dead, but still, it is kind of funny 😛 This episode gave me some hope for the series. I though it was interesting with the new information about their legacy. Their grandfather was a part of Men of letters, which documented the supernatural world. Sam and Dean should have been a part of this “organization”, and so their father, but since Henry Winchester disappear when Johan was young they were never taught about Men of letters and their secrets. This episode was interesting since it gave us more background information about the history of the Winchester family. Also, the information revealed in today’s episode will probably have an impact on what will happen later during the season.

Now, I will watch another episode of the episodes I missed from past weeks, since I have regained my need of watching  SPN ^_^


2 thoughts on “Reaching the end…

  1. Chitra says:

    I totally agree with you here. Only the strange thing is when in season4 ,Dean visit Young John in a diner, one man says to John, “Hey Winchester, say hello to your old man!”. Also, John belonged to family of mechanic. I thought he was talking about John’s father! And in this episode, we come to know that John grew up as orphan.
    Wonder who was the one raised John

    • klingpling says:

      Oh, I have never thought about that, that is interesting… 🙂 However, we may probably never get an answer on that, we can just speculate about who raised John…

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