Supernatural Renewed for season 9


CBS has now announced that Supernatural is renewed for one more season at least, season 9. I do not know if I should laugh or cry…!!? The last 2 seasons of SPN have been painful to watch with exceptions for some highlight episodes. However, I’m having trouble picturing a world without Supernatural. Sam and Dean are always suppose to be there, hunting ghost for us. On the other hand, I feel sorry for them. Another season means that they will not end up happy this season and the question is if they ever will be happy. I think they do deserve a happy ending after everything they been through!

The question that arise now is whether the war between the angels and demons will continue or if Sam and Dean will manage to close the gate to hell or the gate to heaven….I have missed a couple of episodes so I’m behind and do not really know were they stand with the word of God and whether someone tried to close any of the gates. I hope this angle-demon bullshit will be over soon. I miss the old-times and the concept of the show; with to guys on a road trip, each episode one small horror movie. Now is it not even scary anymore, it is just a lot of blood! (I hated when Crowley tortured the angle boy who Sam, Dean and Castiel rescued, that scene was just too much!) The only benefit in keeping the angle story is that Castiel then hopefully get to stay 😀 And he is seriously then only good thing right now. I think we are ready for some new monsters to be introduced…

…Well, even though the season hasn’t been the best, I’m not ready to say good-by to the Winchester boys and I can always comfort myself by watching the first seasons ^_^



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