SPN 8×16 Remember the Titans

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What to say about the newest episode called Remember the Titans?

It was in the same class as the episode from last week Man’s best friend with benefits; a nice plot in which new characters, from a new mythology was introduced (the Greek mythology) and there were also connections back to the ongoing storyline about how to close the gates to hell. (See for more information https://klingpling.wordpress.com/2013/02/25/spnx3/).

In this episode we get to meet a Greek titan called Prometheus who is cursed by Zeus and therefore dies every day and then wake up again. Prometheus was punished since he was the one that stole the fire from Zeus and gave it to the people on earth. Artemis, the goddess of hunt and Zeus daughter, is sent to earth to find him. In order to break the curse, Sam and Dean summons Zeus, which can never end happily. It was interesting how they would portray Zeus since there are several interpretations of him. In Disney’s story about Hercules, Zeus is the perfect father but in the greek mythology he wasn’t such a saint. In SPN he obviously has the bad guy role. It the end both Zeus and Prometheus dies, it was almost a piece of cake, but without Artemis help, Sam and Dean would not have stood a chance against Zeus. They are gods and should be treated carefully. Remember that boys, next time you think of summoning a king of the gods!

What more? Well, Sam needs a serious haircut, he will soon get longer hair than me and that is not okay! We want to see his pretty face 😉 Also, he continued to cough up blood and he continued to hide it from Dean. Dean on the other hand  can see that something is troubling Sam and that Sam is not as focused and feeling as well as he says he is doing. Dean is looking out for Sam!

However, Dean’s worries for Sam is troubling him more than he says. He is afraid that Sam will not survive this time so he prays to Castiel, who hasn’t answered his calles for a long time. Dean is in need of a friend to talk to and when Cas to not show up he looks terrible.It’s so heartbreaking to see him all alone and terrified for what will come up next. I don’t know how long he can keep this together? And how long can Sam keep on coughing up blood without his body breaking apart?

Unfortunately, we will have to wait a will for the next episode Goodbye Stranger to air. We have to wait until 20 Mars. That will be a pretty long waiting, but keep your spirit up, discuss with a friend what might happen on the show or watch another old season. I strongly recommend the first seasons, season 1-2.


Criminal Minds 8×16 Carbon Copy


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery  – Charles Caleb Colton

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Wow, what an exciting episode or at least interesting. It felt as a beginning but not as something that could be the season final. I believe this plot will give rise to the season final. I don’t believe that the case will be solved until then.

In today’s episode JJ got flowers together with a card that said “Zugzwang”, which made the team realize that the copycat, called the Replicator, is actually targeting them. At the meantime, killings in Philadelphia took place, which were also copies from one of the cases the team worked with before. So the team went to Philadelphia since they believe that the Replicator were the one killing these people. In the end they caught the unsub of the killings in Philadelphia but he wasn’t the Replicator. The Replicator had manipulated the unsub to kill those women. The team get a new lead on the Replicator so they head to a new city and find a room he/she has put in order for them. The Replicator has left another body and put up one photo collage for each member of the team. This is where the episode end.

We basically no nothing we didn’t know before about the Replicator, except how smart and well planned he is. It feels like he will be one of the most dangerous criminals the team has worked with. Which basically means that the whole team would not solve the case without losing something. I can’t see where the Replicator will do wrong and make a mistake at this point.

I don’t think the episode offered an unexpected turn. I wasn’t completely fooled about who were the Replicator  since I thought they catched the unsub too quickly and too early in the episode. This story has been a part of the whole season so it would have been strange if it all ended after one episode. I hope it will turn out to something good and that the rest of the season will be thrilling. Right know I would love to learn more about the Replicator; I’m getting a bit bored of seeing the same photos, taken by the Replicator, of the team. I want more!

It was interesting to get the connection to the word Zugzwang from the episode also called Zugswang. I have always thought it to be weird that Diane would have made her the effort to disguise her voice and  leave the message.

Also the quote from todays episode, said by Charles Caleb Colton, made me think about the Replicator. Does the quote try to say that the Replicator is doing this because he admires the team and the BAU? I don’t know. It could also have been directed towards todays episode.

We will se what will happen next. They mentioned Jason Gideon a lot. Is this of importance? Will he maybe show up again on the show or is that just silly hopes from a Criminal Mind’s fangirl? More clues will hopefully be given next week in the next episode.

A day in town

Du gör mig galen!Today I had the courage to leave my cave in the countryside and go into town together with my brother. We were going to eat lunch with our grandparents and then go to the movies. The weather was so amazing! The sun was shining and it was several degrees hot outside. I were almost sweating 😛

We walked through Old Town and visited the science fiction bookstore which is the heaven of bookstores to me. They have everything you can need when it comes to fiction. A bird whispered into my hear that this was a good place to by a present. Then we meet up with our grandparents and my sister and had a lovely lunch where we ate Thai food. The only problem with the food where we ate is that the portions are enough for two people; they are huge! I should have shared one dish with my sister xd

Then I and my siblings went to the movies and saw the movie called Silver Linings Playbook (in Swedish Du gör mig galen!). The title in Swedish is nothing like the English title, it is just very weird 😛 The movie had premiere in Sweden today. I know, that is very late since it has been out for long in other countries. The fact that it was the premier plus that Jennifer Lawrence recently got an Oscar for her role in the movie, made it the perfect movie to see today.  The movie was great; great actors and not too predictable. They just screamed a bit too much; almost all the dialogs were partly screaming from person to person, and often they screamed at the same time.

Now when I’m home I will use the next hour to watch the latest episode of Criminal Minds. So excited! I think it will be a tens episode with the focus on the team, since they now are the victims. See you soon with a review of the episode. 🙂

Misha Collins returns in season 9 of SPN as a series regular


OMG! This gotta be the best news I have heard today. My favorite actor in SPN, Misha Collins will become a series regular for the next season, season 9. I’m so looking forward to see more from his side and see the development of his character, Castiel. Now I can sleep well tonight ^_^

Source: http://tvline.com/2013/02/25/supernatural-season-9-spoilers-misha-collins-returns/


Hi guys!

Since I’m alone the whole evening I decided to look at all the SPN episodes that I have missed. I think some new, interesting facts are revealed and therefore need to be noted down.

8×13 Everybody hates Hitler 

In this episode, Sam and Dean, goes to the place where the Men of letters kept their secrets. It’s a moving moment when the brothers get an actual place which they can call home and return to in between the work. When  Dean is in a bathrobe discussing the shower and in the end when the two brothers sit and drink together and listening to music.

In this episode we learn about a new part of the Supernatural world. There were nazi necromancers who did experiments during the war to try to find a way to resurrect the dead. Also, there were rabbis who brought Golems to life. Golems are created of dead material and trained to fight in wars. I had a hard time trying to understand him, so I think it was a downside with the episode, or it is just my hearing that is rusty. xD

The nazi necromancers kill the owner of the golem since they want to find the secrets in resurrecting people. Sam and Dean then meet the grandson of the rabbi who now is the owner of the golem. Since he doesn’t know how to control the golem they have a problem, especially when more necromancers show up. But as always, it ends well. The nazi necromancers dies and the grandson learns how to control his golem.

The episode was interesting and funny. There were a scene where the grandson pretended to be gay and hitting on Dean and that made Dean lose his control for a while xD It is also very funny when the grandson look at Sam and Dean when they burn the body of the necromancer and says “Oh my god, these guys are psychopaths”! All the history behind the world of Supernatural is very interesting and offers a depth to the story that we haven’t had before. To sum up, a quite good episode 🙂

SPN 8x15

8×14 Trial and Error

Another great episode, it was awesome! When there are no Benny nor Amelia everything if fun, interesting and worthy looking at. In this episode Kevin, who lives on drugs and is slowly killing himself, finds out what they need to do to close the gates to hell.

Three tasks need to be undertaken and then a spell need to be performed. The first is to kill a hell-hound and take a bath in its blood. Yepp, grose! The boys find a family who had a visit of a demon 10 years ago, and the demon is no one less that Crowley himself. Dean is determined that he should be the one undertaking the three tasks since he doesn’t see an end to everything which Sam does. However, it end up being Sam who kills the hell-hounds to Dean’s horror. Sam says that he now needs to be the one doing the tasks. He know he can do it. He also believes there is a good ending for Dean to; Dean has both friends and family on earth, now he even has his own room.

This episode offered us a wide range of what Supernatural is all about. We got to see touching scenes between the brothers, funny scenes and we even got to see what the hell-hounds look like for the first time. I especially liked the opening scene when Dean was in his own bedroom and decorated it. He was so happy about it and then he cooked food for him and Sam. You should have seen Sam’s surprised face when Dean told him that he had made hamburgers, but as Dean said, they actually have a real kitchen now.

Funniest quote: “Did you know that there are like 6 thousand kind of tomatoes?”

Also, Dean’s hipster glasses  looked very good on him. He would actually make a nice nerd 😉

8×15 Man’s best friend with Benefits

Oh no, Sammy! What’s happening to you? This episode was a detour from the plot of the series, in which the trust between the brothers were brought up again. Dean wanted to be sure that Sam was read to do the trials, otherwise they could just find another hell-hound and let him kill it. This episode was neither good or bad, it was okay. Kind of funny to see more of the witch world, but it was a bit strange. It did not consist with what we know about witches from before. The episode was about one of their old friends which they had helped. However, it was weird that they chosen to take an old friend of the brothers that we have never seen on the show or heard about.  There are pleinty to chose from, so why didn’t they do that?

The episode ended with Dean saying that he trusted Sam and right after that Sam started to cough up blood without saying anything to Dean. Stupid Sam! Hasn’t he learned anything? You should not keep secrets from your brother!!

I like how I always try not to write so much and then it end up being far too much. Hope you do not mind…if you mind you would probably not have read this far  😛

A perfect start on the sports break

What a wonderful day! I have just spent 3.5 hours outside, going on a walk together with my brother. It was a perfect start on the last break before the exams. The weather was very nice; the sun was shining and it was not too cold. While walking, we listened on the radio so we could follow the Swedish skiers in the world championship. Sweden won two medals today and it was just what we wanted, congratulations Sweden!  Even though neither of them were gold medals 😉  Because of the good weather a lot of people were outside and enjoyed it, a lot of them on skies. I got to say that nothing feels as good as a long walk in the woods. And on the plus side too, I may even got a bit tanned.

Velamsund 1 On our way home we came across this funny sign which is a warning for frogs. I have heard that in the summer, the whole road can be full of frogs. You cannot drive the car there without having to drive over some of them 😛 Though, I do not think that is a problem during winter.

Velamsund 2Finally, I want to encourage people to go outside and enjoy the weather. You will feel so good afterwards. It is a way of not having to go and do lots of heavy and boring training on the gym xD

Valentine’s day

Valentines dayYeeey!!!! Now starts my trip towards Västervik and my boyfriend and his lovely family 😀 And it’s Valentines Day, I know, that is pretty good timing from my side. Actually, I thing Valentine’s day is nothing special, I don’t see why we cannot always show our love towards each other. But, since I’m actually having a boyfriend and it is Valentines day, I will follow the group pressure and pretend that it is a very special day xD

Lots of love to everyone, have a great Valentine’s day! And you know, it is nothing wrong with buying something specially do your self also. We all need to thing about ourself sometimes also ❤


Reaching the end…

Wihoo, Mocks is finally over and I do not have any lessons until monday next week so I’m taking a small break. I will travel to Västervik by bus for 4 hours tomorrow and visit my boyfriend 😀

Also, my EE is almost done, everything is written, now I just wait for the final comments on it from my supervisor and next week TOK essay should be done!….I am actually seeing a light in the end of the tunnel.

Earlier today I watched SPN 8×12 As time goes by, and I thought it was kind of okay, I almost liked it. The funny part is that Sam and Dean always meet their grandparents through time travelling. This is of course not so strange since all their relatives are dead, but still, it is kind of funny 😛 This episode gave me some hope for the series. I though it was interesting with the new information about their legacy. Their grandfather was a part of Men of letters, which documented the supernatural world. Sam and Dean should have been a part of this “organization”, and so their father, but since Henry Winchester disappear when Johan was young they were never taught about Men of letters and their secrets. This episode was interesting since it gave us more background information about the history of the Winchester family. Also, the information revealed in today’s episode will probably have an impact on what will happen later during the season.

Now, I will watch another episode of the episodes I missed from past weeks, since I have regained my need of watching  SPN ^_^

Supernatural Renewed for season 9


CBS has now announced that Supernatural is renewed for one more season at least, season 9. I do not know if I should laugh or cry…!!? The last 2 seasons of SPN have been painful to watch with exceptions for some highlight episodes. However, I’m having trouble picturing a world without Supernatural. Sam and Dean are always suppose to be there, hunting ghost for us. On the other hand, I feel sorry for them. Another season means that they will not end up happy this season and the question is if they ever will be happy. I think they do deserve a happy ending after everything they been through!

The question that arise now is whether the war between the angels and demons will continue or if Sam and Dean will manage to close the gate to hell or the gate to heaven….I have missed a couple of episodes so I’m behind and do not really know were they stand with the word of God and whether someone tried to close any of the gates. I hope this angle-demon bullshit will be over soon. I miss the old-times and the concept of the show; with to guys on a road trip, each episode one small horror movie. Now is it not even scary anymore, it is just a lot of blood! (I hated when Crowley tortured the angle boy who Sam, Dean and Castiel rescued, that scene was just too much!) The only benefit in keeping the angle story is that Castiel then hopefully get to stay 😀 And he is seriously then only good thing right now. I think we are ready for some new monsters to be introduced…

…Well, even though the season hasn’t been the best, I’m not ready to say good-by to the Winchester boys and I can always comfort myself by watching the first seasons ^_^