Name days

Name Day presents

Today I bought presents to my siblings since both of them had their name days recently. Actually, it feels a bit silly but this give me an opportunity to make a joke out of it 😉  Also, I just love to give things away and even if it is just a small gift it is always nice to show your appreciation towards someone.

Yup, it is two super-cute package above and the wrapping is a part of the joke too, for example one of my sibling is a 16-year-old boy 😉 Make sure not to tell them about this secret until Saturday when they will get it. I’ll just say one thing at that is that the package contain something  geeky and do come in pieces…well that ended up being two things! 😉

Maybe the funniest part of this is that I actually have a life outside IB, but seriously you just have to plan your schoolwork and then you will have 10 minutes left to go shopping ^_^ You know, now I even have 10 minutes to go and make myself some tea xD


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