The power of my EE

How come one day can start so happy and full of life and then end up So tired and lost all the good mood?

My day stared with a book seminar on the Swedish lesson. That was rather productive and interesting! Then I sat for several hours and wrote on my Extended essay, and do you know how easily an EE can suck out all the energy of your body?! It is amazing how easily the EE could take me down. After I came home I have been so tired that I couldn’t do anything xD The positive thing here is  that my EE is soon finished!

Except the EE I also had an useless psychology lesson where we were suppose to review abnormal psychology but ended up doing nothing since our teacher did not really have a clue of what we were doing 😛 Last, I had Chemistry which also ended up in nothing so that was when I gave up and left the lesson and went home. At that time, around 4 o’clock I seriously had no sprite left for anything, I was practically dead. Not even my yoghurt with a lot of happy bacteria for my stomach helped. 😛

So I ended up watching a another good episode of criminals minds from season 8 called “The Fallen”. It was a Rossi centric episode about the American soldiers in the Vietnam war. A very well written and produced episode with a lot of emotions in it. To some extent the unsub was a bit left outside the story, they did not put so much attention on him. I was rather surprised when they caught him since I did not pay any attention towards him. I thought the just started the case xD But the story between Rossi and the marine sergeant were great!

Right now I watch Big Bang theory season 3 as my bedtime story (hihi), but Sheldon is such an amazing character and he give me so much laughter and energy. So I hope he will cheer my up 😀  The episode I am watching right now is the one in which the are flying kites and try to take down each others kites down.

While flying kites Leonard says:

“Why wouldn’t Penny want her friends to meet me?”

Sheldon answer:

“Focus, Leonard, focus.”


“The heat of battle is upon us. The dogs of war are unleashed.”


“Maybe Koothrappali’s right, maybe I embarrass her.”


“You are embarrassing me right now. A grown man worrying about such nonsense. We’re in the middle of flying kites.”

I’m going to be surprised if I survive IB without being damaged for life, but maybe Big Bang Theory will help me through the last part so I at least will survive. Hey, I have almost handed everything in, it is just revision left, Easy…. xD


5 thoughts on “The power of my EE

  1. TeapotKling says:

    Hey, your big sis managed alright, didn’t she? 😉 On the other hand, I wasn’t quite normal to begin with… xD Let me know if you ever need a smartass or two to help you (you know where to find us!) ❤

    • klingpling says:

      I know, and soon you will have a full EE to dig into ^_^ The rest is actually going quite well. Today I handed in the lab reports I had left to correct, so now all lab reports in chemistry and physics are don 😀

      • TeapotKling says:

        Yay, great! 😉 You know, I promise that we will let you study, and that we’ll help you if needed, this weekend! 😛 And I’d make whatever you and your brother wants for dinner on friday 😀

      • klingpling says:

        Friday? what about friday? (Early you were up O_o)

  2. TeapotKling says:

    Yes, Friday evening? So me and our brother can make a cake for Granny’s b-day! 😀

    Only got up at six-ish… Wanted things done before school 😛

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