SPN 8×11 LARP and the Real Girl


This weeks episode brought back one of my favorite “guest characters” from season 7, Charlie the computer hacker who helped Sam and Dean against Dick Roman in the episode called “The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo”. This weeks episode was a good episode with lots of funny scene, not to mention the last fight scene with Dean’s speech xD

But was it a good SUPERNATURAL episode? No, not at all! Well, they put in a fairy to get some magic but the episode were neither scary or meaningful for the rest of the season or the development of the characters. Even Dean’s “talk” to Sam about how he is deling with leaving Amelia, seemed  oddly placed and it wasn’t much connections to what have happened earlier in the show.

Despite the lack of supernatural forces, it was a fun episode to watch; To see how alike Dean and Charlie are (to bad she isn’t in to guys. She and Dean have a great chemistry), Dean’s speech from Braveheart (the only speech he know xD) which were interrupted by a guy who dropped a frisbee on the battle field (Hilarious!), the fake FBI badges and when Dean and Charlie discussed battle strategies.


I think it was one of the better episodes of the season, it was fun and things happened all the time, but it did not feel like a Supernatural episode. I’m sorry, but Supernatural did not deliver this week either.


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