Name days

Name Day presents

Today I bought presents to my siblings since both of them had their name days recently. Actually, it feels a bit silly but this give me an opportunity to make a joke out of it 😉  Also, I just love to give things away and even if it is just a small gift it is always nice to show your appreciation towards someone.

Yup, it is two super-cute package above and the wrapping is a part of the joke too, for example one of my sibling is a 16-year-old boy 😉 Make sure not to tell them about this secret until Saturday when they will get it. I’ll just say one thing at that is that the package contain something  geeky and do come in pieces…well that ended up being two things! 😉

Maybe the funniest part of this is that I actually have a life outside IB, but seriously you just have to plan your schoolwork and then you will have 10 minutes left to go shopping ^_^ You know, now I even have 10 minutes to go and make myself some tea xD


The power of my EE

How come one day can start so happy and full of life and then end up So tired and lost all the good mood?

My day stared with a book seminar on the Swedish lesson. That was rather productive and interesting! Then I sat for several hours and wrote on my Extended essay, and do you know how easily an EE can suck out all the energy of your body?! It is amazing how easily the EE could take me down. After I came home I have been so tired that I couldn’t do anything xD The positive thing here is  that my EE is soon finished!

Except the EE I also had an useless psychology lesson where we were suppose to review abnormal psychology but ended up doing nothing since our teacher did not really have a clue of what we were doing 😛 Last, I had Chemistry which also ended up in nothing so that was when I gave up and left the lesson and went home. At that time, around 4 o’clock I seriously had no sprite left for anything, I was practically dead. Not even my yoghurt with a lot of happy bacteria for my stomach helped. 😛

So I ended up watching a another good episode of criminals minds from season 8 called “The Fallen”. It was a Rossi centric episode about the American soldiers in the Vietnam war. A very well written and produced episode with a lot of emotions in it. To some extent the unsub was a bit left outside the story, they did not put so much attention on him. I was rather surprised when they caught him since I did not pay any attention towards him. I thought the just started the case xD But the story between Rossi and the marine sergeant were great!

Right now I watch Big Bang theory season 3 as my bedtime story (hihi), but Sheldon is such an amazing character and he give me so much laughter and energy. So I hope he will cheer my up 😀  The episode I am watching right now is the one in which the are flying kites and try to take down each others kites down.

While flying kites Leonard says:

“Why wouldn’t Penny want her friends to meet me?”

Sheldon answer:

“Focus, Leonard, focus.”


“The heat of battle is upon us. The dogs of war are unleashed.”


“Maybe Koothrappali’s right, maybe I embarrass her.”


“You are embarrassing me right now. A grown man worrying about such nonsense. We’re in the middle of flying kites.”

I’m going to be surprised if I survive IB without being damaged for life, but maybe Big Bang Theory will help me through the last part so I at least will survive. Hey, I have almost handed everything in, it is just revision left, Easy…. xD

SPN 8×11 LARP and the Real Girl


This weeks episode brought back one of my favorite “guest characters” from season 7, Charlie the computer hacker who helped Sam and Dean against Dick Roman in the episode called “The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo”. This weeks episode was a good episode with lots of funny scene, not to mention the last fight scene with Dean’s speech xD

But was it a good SUPERNATURAL episode? No, not at all! Well, they put in a fairy to get some magic but the episode were neither scary or meaningful for the rest of the season or the development of the characters. Even Dean’s “talk” to Sam about how he is deling with leaving Amelia, seemed  oddly placed and it wasn’t much connections to what have happened earlier in the show.

Despite the lack of supernatural forces, it was a fun episode to watch; To see how alike Dean and Charlie are (to bad she isn’t in to guys. She and Dean have a great chemistry), Dean’s speech from Braveheart (the only speech he know xD) which were interrupted by a guy who dropped a frisbee on the battle field (Hilarious!), the fake FBI badges and when Dean and Charlie discussed battle strategies.


I think it was one of the better episodes of the season, it was fun and things happened all the time, but it did not feel like a Supernatural episode. I’m sorry, but Supernatural did not deliver this week either.

“Nattinatt” wish my t-shirt and I

Good evening 😉

Supernatural may be going downhill to Hell, but it is still an epic tv show, and I will always weir my cool t-shirt when I go to bed! I’ll even look at an episode from season 4 which I am going through right now, before going to sleep.

God night everybody, I hope no ghost will come and hunt you tonight 😉 It’s so disturbing when they come and interrupt your sleep!Hunters checklist

CM 8×13 Magnum Opus

tumblr_mgwpxp7Mac1rbcbiko1_500I believe that Reid would agree to this….and still they did. In tonight’s episode we are 2 weeks after Maeve’s death. Garcia and JJ step by Reid’s appartement to see if there is something they can do for him. Actually this whole episode is about Reid’s struggle back to reality and work.

He hasn’t talked to anyone for the last two weeks and they are all worried, but Hotch says that it will take the time it takes. He know how it is to lose someone suddenly without being allowed a proper good-by. Reid doesn’t want to talk  to anyone, but Morgan reach out to him through the case they are working on. And of course they cannot solve the case until Reid is back and explaining everything for them. I just think it is interesting that as soon as he is gone, they cannot solve a case. Aren’t the rest of the team also suppose to be smart…?? However, when Reid is back you can feel that everything is in order.

This episode showed a new side of Reid. We have never seen a broken down Reid before and it hurt to see him in that state. He had lost control and what kept him going on was the book Maeve gave him. There was one scene where he took the book and hugged it while laying in the sofa. Also, in the end you could see that he had taking the book with him to San Francisco. The moste devastating in the episode was when Reid draw parallels between Maeve’s stalker and the artist, the unsub in this episode. It was the first time he said anything about what happened.

What the last two episodes have done well is the relationship between Reid and Hotch. I love the scene between them and the soft side we see from Hotch. He is the one that are the closest to understand what Reid is going through. Love, Love, Love!!!!!

…Tonight another episode of Supernatural airs, however I am really starting to think that the show cannot be saved. The whole story about Amelia destroyed my faith in Sam. I don’t like him anymore and now I am only Team Castiel. As long as Castiel is on the show, I will continue following it! (which I probably will do anyway, but you get the point). So I am glad that Criminal Minds have stepped up its game and I am looking forward to see Reid’s development until the end of the season. Information has stated that Maeve’s death will effect how Reid will act and what he will do under the rest of the season.

No! They Didn’t!!!


I have just watched the latest episode of Criminal Minds, called Zugzwang. It blow my mind away! Not only was it a Reid centric episode with total focus on Reid, it was very different from what we are used to. I was happy that they realised that they could do a great episode without lots of torture scenes. It contained a unsub that was crazy and horrible without all the blod-screams-tears-all-over-the screen!

Reid was given a lot of screen time (of course) and it really allowed Matthew Gray Gubler to show what a great actor he is. He did a terrific job and we got to see new sides of Reid since this was such a traumatic and emotional experience for him. He truly loved this women who he never meet in person, and then the producers just go and kill her!!!He did not get time to be with this women, he loses her as fast as he gets her. How could they? Reid was happy for once in his life and they destroyed it. I can’t see how he will recover from this and I think that he really deserve the happy “fairytale” ending! The worst always happens to him!

Despite the heartbreaking ending and a devastated Reid, this episode keep a high-class and the ending showed what a great series it is! Any other series would have let her live, and by killing her they really shocked the fans ( at least me). I was hoping until the end that they would both come out alive. I did not care about Diana since I don’t like Michelle Trachtenberg, actually it is not her I don’t like, it is her evil character on Gossip girl xd Also, this ending allows for further development with Reid’s character. I believe this event will change him and we will probably see a change in his personality after this. But, I am afraid that this will destroy him! We will see how long time the producers will give him to mourn before everything is back to normal, which it alway gets in the end xd I cry each time I watch the ending it is so horrible and perfectly done by the writers and producers. It was a while ago since CM brought tears to my eyes.

This episode was a happy surprise since I think the series has lost some of its charm. This was a great warm-up for the next series that finally is back from the brake. I only need  to wait until tomorrow morning until a new episode of Supernatural airs! I am almost shaking with excitement and from what I seen of the promo, I believe that we will not be disappointed!


“Love is our true destiny.

We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone –

we find it with another”

Thomas Merton


Long time, no see…

Firstly, I wish you all a Happy New Year and A Merry Very Christmas 😀

I know it has been almost a month since my last post, and I’m so sorry for it!!!!!! I have missed the blog but there were so many things I needed to do. A   lot of school work right before christmas and then I went to Barcelona 😀 I had a great time in warm and sunny Barcelona. I had hoped that I would have the opportunity to write on the blog while I was down there, but I had no internet connection 😦

Barcelona beach+L

As fast as possible, when I get time, I will start with the blog again and tell you what I have been up to lately. My flight arrived to Stockholm 6 pm tonight, so I just want to go to bed now xD Everything went alright with the flight, but there were one weird thing. When the plan landed, it took a while for it to lose speed and slow down. Longer than I am used to. I even had a few seconds while I was thinking of what I would do if the plan would crash xD Luckily, I never needed to use my ideas, but when we landed I saw that there were not Soooo many metres left of  the runway 😛

Finally, make sure not to miss the episode of Supernatural when it starts aging on January 16. 😉

Soon I will write about my trip and what you should see when you visite Barcelona AND news about Supernatural and The Hobbit (which I have finally seen, it was AMAZING)!