Snow chaos, trapped at home!

ImageToday is the day we have had almost once a year in Stockholm since the last few years back. It is the day when almost all the public transports are canceled because of a lot of snow. And I really mean a lot of snow!!!! The weather information has said that we will get around 20-30 cm today and it is really windy outside. So we are all recommended to stay at home. Soon, when there will be a lot of cars on the road there will be chaos!!! Already do they report on the news about a lot of accidents on the roads. So stay home if you can!

It is just interesting that this happens almost once a year and that the public transports never work. Shouldn’t we be prepared for these kind of events? I know that the weather today are pretty extreme, but still 😛

My busses were the first once to be canceled, so I can’t get to school. I just have to enjoy a day at home together with my brother, and I have no problem with that 😀 I always have school work I can do, so I want be bored….Or I will be! xd


5 thoughts on “Snow chaos, trapped at home!

  1. TeapotKling says:

    And you can always practice lucia and x-mas songs if you get bored 😉 or start x-mas baking, maybe? ❤

  2. TeapotKling says:

    Oh, me wants! Come here, oh delicious chicken!!! 😉

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