Mid season finale of SPN

It is time for the mid season finale of SPN, that means no Supernatural in several weeks, but it hopefully means that we will get a juicy episode with a lot of drama.

The episode is called “Citizen fang” and in the episode Sam puts a tracker on Benny, a hunter called Martin Creaser, which we have seen before. He was an old friend of John Winchester and since he was a bit crazy, he ended up as a patient on a psychiatric hospital. In the episode “Sam Interrupted” did Sam and Dean check in to the hospital since weird stuff had happened there. Martin worked with the boys to solve the case.
Sam gets a call from Martin with the news about a vampire kill and they both suspect Benny for the being the murder, but Dean defend Benny.

Maybe this will be the episode in which Dean need to choose between either Sam or Benny. A lot of speculations on the Internet has been about the fact that Benny is like a brother to Dean and may take over Sam’s role. The synopsis for the episode also says that When Martin decides to take things into his own hands, things get messy and Dean is forced to make a very hard decision….which may mean that Dean has to make a decision regarding Sam and Benny.

Benny is often compared with Ruby, and we must just hope that thing will no go as bad as they did with Ruby. I’m starting to think that Benny is rather okay, and hope that he turns out to be the good guy.

Also, since this is the mid season finale I think that we might expect some kind of cliffhanger or something that we can think about during the break. Maybe Sam and Dean will split up again, if so, for how long? Seem from previous breakups, they havn’t been able to stay apart for so long, but this time they are are not so dependent off each other as they used to be.

I think that we have a great episode to look forward so make sure that you don’t miss it 😉


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