SPN episode 9 “Citizen Fang”

Contains Spoilers from the episode!!!!

Citizen fang

This mid-season finale of supernatural ended as I had expected, with the two brothers of on their own and a cliffhanger at the end when Sam faced Amelia in the club the last seconds of the episode.  What will happen with Dean and Sam now? Will they be able to work through this and fix the bond between them? And what will Sam say to Amelia, will he try to get her back?

In Citizen Fang, Sam hears from Martin, the half-crazy hunter Sam has asked to watch over Benny. Martin reports about a vampire kill in the city that Benny lives in. Martin and Sam are convinced of the fact that Benny is the murderer. Dean on the other hand, stands up for Benny. He tells Sam that he has a history with Benny and owns Benny a lot. Dean says that he trust Benny since he has never let him down. Sam gets really hurt when Dean says these things, since he kind of implies that he do not trust Sam but he do trust the vampire after all these years! Dean choses Benny over Sam and tells Sam that if he ever go after Benny, he would be lucky if he comes out alive.

In order to get Sam out-of-the-way, he sends Sam a text message that Sam believes comes from Amelia. The text message says “Sam I need you. Come quick”. Sam leaves quickly to go see Amelia. When he arrives at her place, he founds out that she is safe at her home with Don. Sam then later finds out that Dean sent the message. Dean also tells him that Benny killed Martin. Sam hang up the phone without letting Dean explain anything. When Sam is leaving the bar he is at, he meets Amelia. She had seen him outside her house.

I thought this episode was very good (except the lack of Cas)! 😉 Dean finally made the decision between Sam and Benny that we have waited for. Because it was obvious, seeing how sceptical Sam was towards Benny, that it would not work out between the three of them. I just never thought that Dean would choose Benny instead of Sam. This shows how that year they were alone really had an effect on them. Now the brothers are on their own again, but I have seen in the promo for the next episode that they will be working together again. But it seems like Cas is forcing them to work together. So maybe it will take a while for them to sort out things between them. I just do not believe that things will work out between them if they do not sit down and talk about everything that happened that year off.

I’m glad that Benny ended up as the good guy and that he was not responsible for the killings, but still, it is not sure that he will continue in the same direction. We may have a new Ruby, and it is true in the sense that he has brought the brothers a part.

In this episode it was confirmed that Amelia is real, and so Don. I just believe that there are more to her than we have seen in Sam’s flashbacks…or maybe it is not something with her. Maybe he just make these flashbacks extra bright to close out the bad things that may have happened in the three months before he meet her.

Now we have to wait 6 weeks until the next episode which are called Don’t Stop Believing and airs 16th of January. From what I have seen from the promo the episode will be focused on Cas. Yay!!! Not until then will  we get answers to our questions regarding what will happen between Sam and Amelia, and Sam and Dean of course. Until then I wish all Supernatural fans, directors, producers, actors etc a Very Merry Christmas.


Biggest Christmas tree and ice skating

Today I enjoyed a whole afternoon with no IB or studying. Instead, me and some classmates went into town after school to go Ice skating in Kungsträdgården. It is a big thing for us to take time to hang out after school. We are all busy studying usually! 😛

When walking from Slussen to Kungsträdgården, we stopped to look at the gigantic Christmas tree they have placed near the water. It is said to be the highest Christmas tree in the world ever. I don’t know if it is true, but it is a big tree for sure!!!Julgran, skeppsbron

This is just the bottom of the tree! My friends stand to the left looking up ^_^

Then we went ice skating, and there were a lot of people there. Mainly school children and tourists. You needed to be very careful while skating since there were children everywhere and they just loved to throw themselves onto to ground, and they did not see anyone else than themselves. Suddenly a child could throw itself right in front of you, just like they do on the picture below. xD So when we tried to not fall, they did everything to fall, EVERYWHERE!

Children throwing themselves

The tourists seemed to have a lot of fun too. There where this one guy who was so afraid of stepping onto the ice. A swedish guy helped him and hold him in the beginning and then tried to teach the turist how to skate.Finally, he  dared to take small steps on his own, but it didn’t go fast 😉

I think we all had a good time, until my feet turned into ice 😛 But then we went and took a “fika” and watched the Christmas decorations at NK, this big and exclusive shopping center near Kungsträdgården. Thanx for a wonderful afternoon ❤

Skating KungsanSkating kungsan 2

Snow chaos, trapped at home!

ImageToday is the day we have had almost once a year in Stockholm since the last few years back. It is the day when almost all the public transports are canceled because of a lot of snow. And I really mean a lot of snow!!!! The weather information has said that we will get around 20-30 cm today and it is really windy outside. So we are all recommended to stay at home. Soon, when there will be a lot of cars on the road there will be chaos!!! Already do they report on the news about a lot of accidents on the roads. So stay home if you can!

It is just interesting that this happens almost once a year and that the public transports never work. Shouldn’t we be prepared for these kind of events? I know that the weather today are pretty extreme, but still 😛

My busses were the first once to be canceled, so I can’t get to school. I just have to enjoy a day at home together with my brother, and I have no problem with that 😀 I always have school work I can do, so I want be bored….Or I will be! xd

Mid season finale of SPN

It is time for the mid season finale of SPN, that means no Supernatural in several weeks, but it hopefully means that we will get a juicy episode with a lot of drama.

The episode is called “Citizen fang” and in the episode Sam puts a tracker on Benny, a hunter called Martin Creaser, which we have seen before. He was an old friend of John Winchester and since he was a bit crazy, he ended up as a patient on a psychiatric hospital. In the episode “Sam Interrupted” did Sam and Dean check in to the hospital since weird stuff had happened there. Martin worked with the boys to solve the case.
Sam gets a call from Martin with the news about a vampire kill and they both suspect Benny for the being the murder, but Dean defend Benny.

Maybe this will be the episode in which Dean need to choose between either Sam or Benny. A lot of speculations on the Internet has been about the fact that Benny is like a brother to Dean and may take over Sam’s role. The synopsis for the episode also says that When Martin decides to take things into his own hands, things get messy and Dean is forced to make a very hard decision….which may mean that Dean has to make a decision regarding Sam and Benny.

Benny is often compared with Ruby, and we must just hope that thing will no go as bad as they did with Ruby. I’m starting to think that Benny is rather okay, and hope that he turns out to be the good guy.

Also, since this is the mid season finale I think that we might expect some kind of cliffhanger or something that we can think about during the break. Maybe Sam and Dean will split up again, if so, for how long? Seem from previous breakups, they havn’t been able to stay apart for so long, but this time they are are not so dependent off each other as they used to be.

I think that we have a great episode to look forward so make sure that you don’t miss it 😉