SPN season 8 episode 8 “Hunteri Heroici” summary

Do not read this post if you don’t want any spoilers about this episode ūüėČ

I loved this episode, it was epic and fun. I don’t want to say so much more, I’ll just write down some funny quotes and talk about some of the more interesting scenes.


At the gas station

Dean to Castiel: “What’s the word, Cas?”

Cas: “It’s a shorter version of my name.”

Cas: “I’m going to become a hunter” (Smiling face)

Sam: “Really?”

Cas: “Yeah, I can be your third wheel.”

Dean: “You know that’s not a good thing. Right?”

Cas: “Of course it is. A third wheel has extra (*something I did not understand), stability….”

Cas:”Can I at least ride in the front seat?”

Sam and Dean: “NO!!”

Coroner’s Office

Dean:”Cas, stop smelling the dead guy!”


Interrogating the wife

Cas:”I’ll handle this. I have done research, I can crack her. Now, Ms Freeling, I don’t wanna¬† bother¬†you. I really don’t…but I do have just one question for you.”

*hit the table

“Why did you kill your husband?”

Dean: “Agent Stills, a word please.”

Cas: “What? I was being bad cop.”

Dean: “You were being bad everything!”

At the motel

Cas: *¬†Laughs while watching cartoon. “I understand. The bird represents God and the coyote¬†is man endlessly chasing the divine, yet never able to catch him.”

*Sam and Dean look confused.

Cas: “It’s hilarious.”

Dean: “Cas, you gonna book a room or what?”

Cas: “No, I’ll stay here.”

Dean: “Okej, yeah we will have a slumber party, braids Sam’s hair. Where are you going to sleep?”

Cas: “I don’t sleep.”

Dean: “Okej, I need my 4 hours so…”

Cas: “I’ll watch over you.”

Dean: “…that’s not gonna happen.”

Elderly home

When they visite the elderly home Dean tells Sam and Cas to not flirt, but Dean finds the young nurse attractive. Also, an old lady that Dean and Cas interrogate ¬†believes that Cas is her third husband. She says that the cat sometimes talks so Cas say’s “I’ll interrogate the cat!”.

Dean:”Cas,let’s go!”

Cas: “I have almost cracked him.” (about the cat)

Dean: “Now!”

Cas to the cat: “Hey, I’m not through with you.”

In this episode Sam has a few flashbacks, showing how he meet Amelia’s father for the first time. In one flashback Amelia says that both she and Sam are a mess and that her father should let them be messes together. This episode reminds Sam of how it is to live in a dream world where you can hide and everything is great. In the end, he says that you cannot live like this. You need to wake up, otherwise the dream will destroy it. In the last scene we got to see how Amelia got a phone call from her husband that is supposed to be dead?!?! Maybe this was when Sam realised that he only was living a dream. He doesn’t belong in this normal house with Amelia.

The big questions now are what Cas will do in the future and are Amelia’s husband really alive? Is this the reason Sam left her? Is there something supernatural about that phone call?

Good night!


2 thoughts on “SPN season 8 episode 8 “Hunteri Heroici” summary

  1. SPNRulezzzzzzzzz says:

    Was it a good episode?

    • klingpling says:

      Yeah, absolutely! It wasn’t like any episode we seen so far. I liked that it was very funny and not so serious, still there were a moment between Cas and Dean. It was one of the best from this season, by far!

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