SPN Season 8: Where are they going with it? The return of Chuck and Perception as a theme.

Now when the 8 episode of season 8 is airing tonight we have come quite far in the season. A lot of questions have been raised but few answers have be given. This has led to a lot of theories and speculations from the fans, since we all want answers to what’s going on.

Now when the Angels are back, strong and still going, speculations about wheter Chuck will return are being brought up. They even mention him in one episode. Since season 5 finale people have speculated about Chuck’s true identity, and the big theory is that he actually is God. And since they now in season 8 are looking for the word of god, it would be logical to bring God up. If he isn’t God than maybe he is Metatron, an archangle who God speaks through.

The producer and writer of SPN, Jeremy Carver, said in a interview that perception will be a major theme of this season. He said that they wanted to explore what happens to your mind when you are truly alone. This can explain a lot of what’s going on so far, why the producers have chosen to put in so many flashbacks from both Sam and Dean. And according to Carver, we cannot really know what is true or not. We saw in  episode 7 “A Little slice of Kevin” that Dean had created a wrong picture of how he escaped Purgatory and left Cas behind. Also, Sam’s flashbacks are too happy and pretty. So, from what we have seen so far, we do not know what is true and what Sam and Dean has come up with in their own minds.

No one really believes that Sam never went looking for Dean and I think that when he was left alone he finally broke down. I don’t know if everything about Amelia is true, but I believe that she exists. I think that all these happy memories we are seen from Sam are protection from how he really feel, and if he had such a great time with Amelia, how come that he just took of, saying nothing to her. He hasn’t talked to her since he left her either.

Hopefully, we will get some more details tonight so we can speculate even more. These are just a few explanations of whats going on, I guess that you also have your own theories. I think the theme of perception brought a new level to this season and now things make much more sense. I already like it better, and can see that they really thought about this season.

The idea to this post is from this article, click on in order to learn more about the theories and speculations from the fans.



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