Math IA

It’s the week of the second Math IA. Stress, stress and hurry!!! From the beginning I thought that my math skills were really going to be put to test, but then I end up plotting a graph with given values and then trying to fit a function to that graph. I had looked forward to really use all my knowledge and solving problems in a mathematical way, but now I am sitting and pressing buttons, trying to find the prettiest match xD This makes me feel so un-smart!

The best thing about it is that it is still really hard, pressing the right buttons isn’t the easiest…..but I think I’ll just blame the question and say that there is no way that there is any pattern within the given numbers!



4 thoughts on “Math IA

  1. caitiecakes says:

    yup yup yup, I remember the stress of Maths IAs (I do SL too). I suck so much at Maths… The Type II was nicer than the Type I, I feel. Whatcha think? 😀

    • klingpling says:

      Well, my problem is that I think Math is quite easy, so I focused more on other subjects…so now I have a few things to catch up with in Math 😛 Maybe Type II, since there are so many ways you can do the IA in, there is no right and wrong, but that makes it difficult too, since then you need to use which method you like the most xD Right now I’m doing the one with the Gold medals 🙂

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