…the clock is somewhere around 2 am. I have worked on building up my blog for several hours, the inspiration is finally coming, and maybe….maybe this will be a slightly more of SPN blog than personal bullshit. 😛 That’s how it looks like now, but I have no idea what will happen tomorrow. That is the FUN part with life, it is unpredictable!

Before I switch of the light (or go to bed, since I am still afraid of the dark sometimes, especially after watching SPN. So I sleep with the light on. I psych myself out by coming up with these scary story of what’s in the dark) I’ll watch ep.18 season 2 called “Hollywood Babylon”. It is one  of the funnier episodes, in which Dean and Sam are being mistaken as PA’s at a filmstudio. Dean falls into the roll, and starts to get really confortable with the job….almost a bit too much.


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