SPN season 8 episode 8 “Hunteri Heroici” summary

Do not read this post if you don’t want any spoilers about this episode 😉

I loved this episode, it was epic and fun. I don’t want to say so much more, I’ll just write down some funny quotes and talk about some of the more interesting scenes.


At the gas station

Dean to Castiel: “What’s the word, Cas?”

Cas: “It’s a shorter version of my name.”

Cas: “I’m going to become a hunter” (Smiling face)

Sam: “Really?”

Cas: “Yeah, I can be your third wheel.”

Dean: “You know that’s not a good thing. Right?”

Cas: “Of course it is. A third wheel has extra (*something I did not understand), stability….”

Cas:”Can I at least ride in the front seat?”

Sam and Dean: “NO!!”

Coroner’s Office

Dean:”Cas, stop smelling the dead guy!”


Interrogating the wife

Cas:”I’ll handle this. I have done research, I can crack her. Now, Ms Freeling, I don’t wanna  bother you. I really don’t…but I do have just one question for you.”

*hit the table

“Why did you kill your husband?”

Dean: “Agent Stills, a word please.”

Cas: “What? I was being bad cop.”

Dean: “You were being bad everything!”

At the motel

Cas: * Laughs while watching cartoon. “I understand. The bird represents God and the coyote is man endlessly chasing the divine, yet never able to catch him.”

*Sam and Dean look confused.

Cas: “It’s hilarious.”

Dean: “Cas, you gonna book a room or what?”

Cas: “No, I’ll stay here.”

Dean: “Okej, yeah we will have a slumber party, braids Sam’s hair. Where are you going to sleep?”

Cas: “I don’t sleep.”

Dean: “Okej, I need my 4 hours so…”

Cas: “I’ll watch over you.”

Dean: “…that’s not gonna happen.”

Elderly home

When they visite the elderly home Dean tells Sam and Cas to not flirt, but Dean finds the young nurse attractive. Also, an old lady that Dean and Cas interrogate  believes that Cas is her third husband. She says that the cat sometimes talks so Cas say’s “I’ll interrogate the cat!”.

Dean:”Cas,let’s go!”

Cas: “I have almost cracked him.” (about the cat)

Dean: “Now!”

Cas to the cat: “Hey, I’m not through with you.”

In this episode Sam has a few flashbacks, showing how he meet Amelia’s father for the first time. In one flashback Amelia says that both she and Sam are a mess and that her father should let them be messes together. This episode reminds Sam of how it is to live in a dream world where you can hide and everything is great. In the end, he says that you cannot live like this. You need to wake up, otherwise the dream will destroy it. In the last scene we got to see how Amelia got a phone call from her husband that is supposed to be dead?!?! Maybe this was when Sam realised that he only was living a dream. He doesn’t belong in this normal house with Amelia.

The big questions now are what Cas will do in the future and are Amelia’s husband really alive? Is this the reason Sam left her? Is there something supernatural about that phone call?

Good night!


SPN Season 8: Where are they going with it? The return of Chuck and Perception as a theme.

Now when the 8 episode of season 8 is airing tonight we have come quite far in the season. A lot of questions have been raised but few answers have be given. This has led to a lot of theories and speculations from the fans, since we all want answers to what’s going on.

Now when the Angels are back, strong and still going, speculations about wheter Chuck will return are being brought up. They even mention him in one episode. Since season 5 finale people have speculated about Chuck’s true identity, and the big theory is that he actually is God. And since they now in season 8 are looking for the word of god, it would be logical to bring God up. If he isn’t God than maybe he is Metatron, an archangle who God speaks through.

The producer and writer of SPN, Jeremy Carver, said in a interview that perception will be a major theme of this season. He said that they wanted to explore what happens to your mind when you are truly alone. This can explain a lot of what’s going on so far, why the producers have chosen to put in so many flashbacks from both Sam and Dean. And according to Carver, we cannot really know what is true or not. We saw in  episode 7 “A Little slice of Kevin” that Dean had created a wrong picture of how he escaped Purgatory and left Cas behind. Also, Sam’s flashbacks are too happy and pretty. So, from what we have seen so far, we do not know what is true and what Sam and Dean has come up with in their own minds.

No one really believes that Sam never went looking for Dean and I think that when he was left alone he finally broke down. I don’t know if everything about Amelia is true, but I believe that she exists. I think that all these happy memories we are seen from Sam are protection from how he really feel, and if he had such a great time with Amelia, how come that he just took of, saying nothing to her. He hasn’t talked to her since he left her either.

Hopefully, we will get some more details tonight so we can speculate even more. These are just a few explanations of whats going on, I guess that you also have your own theories. I think the theme of perception brought a new level to this season and now things make much more sense. I already like it better, and can see that they really thought about this season.

The idea to this post is from this article, click on in order to learn more about the theories and speculations from the fans.

http://www.tvovermind.com/supernatural/supernatural-theories-and-speculation-sam-castiel-the-new-angels-perception-memories-and-more Continue reading

My Evil little Brother

Earlier today my brother decided that it would be very fun to hide on the floor and jump up right infront of his sister and scare the crap out of her. She didn’t like it as much as he did.

I get so easily scared by everything, and it was so dark that I didn’t see him before he screamed and jumpt up. The weirdest part was that it took maybe 2 seconds for me to react and scream (thank god that no one else was home). I guess that my brain needed time to think and process what happened before it could tell me to be afraid, but I think it wasn’t until I saw him that I become really scared. 😛

Someday I will get my revenge on him!

Speaking of scary things, tomorrow a new episod of Supernatural airs. Castiel is finally back. He is the only good thing with this season so far and I hope he will add a lot to the storyline. In the last episode, Cas got a worthy welcoming back. It was just amazingly well done. How he takes a shower and is back 2 minutes later, with his clothes perfectly clean, the beard is gone and he looks like himself again. It’s been a while since we saw the real, normal Cas that we love.

In next episode, Cas joins Sam and Dean on a case after he decides to become a hunter. The sneak peek looks promising 😀

6 Days left!….until the tickets are available

It’s only 6 days left until the first tickets to the movie The Hobbit will be released in Sweden. A dedicated fan started the queuing in Lund today. Even though it is the moste exciting movie premiere in a while, it is still 6 days!!!! and it is in Sweden. It’s warm here now for being this time of the year, but not so warm that you want to stay outside in 6 DAYS! I just wish good luck to that young man and hope he enjoys the movie!

I’m also very excited about the movie which will be divided into three movies. It wasn’t that long ago that Peter Jackson decided not to make two movies, but three! This changed the plans for the storyline and because of the the movie will be finished right before the premiere, but Jackson has said that it will be finished on date, so we don’t have to worry about that.

It’s going to very exciting to meet again som characters from the Lord of the ring trilogy, but the best part will be seeing the new characters. I am looking forward to see Beorn, just because I think he is such an amazing characters (which many dedicated fans agree with) and because a Swedish actor plays the role 😉 When I read the book, I couldn’t quite get a picture in my head of how he looked like, was he a bear or a man? It is going to be interesting how they have solved this, if he will transform completely into a bear or if he will be a human with bear-like features. Unfortunately, he wont appear until the second movie.

I’m also interested in Thorin. He is a major character which are described as being a great and cleaver leader. He is also quite tall for a dwarf and it is going to be interesting to see if they will take into count these small details. Which I really believe they will, come on, It’s Peter Jackson we are talking about!!!! Not only Thorin interests me, but all the dwarfs, with their own, unique personalities. It will be fun to see them all together.

Count down: 16 Days left

Math IA

It’s the week of the second Math IA. Stress, stress and hurry!!! From the beginning I thought that my math skills were really going to be put to test, but then I end up plotting a graph with given values and then trying to fit a function to that graph. I had looked forward to really use all my knowledge and solving problems in a mathematical way, but now I am sitting and pressing buttons, trying to find the prettiest match xD This makes me feel so un-smart!

The best thing about it is that it is still really hard, pressing the right buttons isn’t the easiest…..but I think I’ll just blame the question and say that there is no way that there is any pattern within the given numbers!



As my sister nicely pointed out, I haven’t written about the best movies and books ever created, the tales about Middle-Earth written by JRR Tolkien. Soon, The Hobbit will be released in the cinemas and I think it is quite accepted to say that it will be the movie of the year.
Watch the trailer here and stay tuned for updates about the movie.

(Yesterday my sister bought the December issue of the Empire, I’m just waiting on the right time to snatch it from her. Buy it and collect all 5 pictures ;))


…the clock is somewhere around 2 am. I have worked on building up my blog for several hours, the inspiration is finally coming, and maybe….maybe this will be a slightly more of SPN blog than personal bullshit. 😛 That’s how it looks like now, but I have no idea what will happen tomorrow. That is the FUN part with life, it is unpredictable!

Before I switch of the light (or go to bed, since I am still afraid of the dark sometimes, especially after watching SPN. So I sleep with the light on. I psych myself out by coming up with these scary story of what’s in the dark) I’ll watch ep.18 season 2 called “Hollywood Babylon”. It is one  of the funnier episodes, in which Dean and Sam are being mistaken as PA’s at a filmstudio. Dean falls into the roll, and starts to get really confortable with the job….almost a bit too much.


So, I guess since this is my first post I need to give a statement and show who I am. And I’ll do that by using this quote from the best TV-show ever, which I am totally obsessed about.